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School and School District iPad Repair Solutions

ipadAs more and more schools and school districts roll our iPad in the classroom initiatives, the question of how to maintain iPads has grown more and more in recent years.  School District and Campus level IT Administrators have struggled with how to best maintain iPads for students.

The iPad in the classroom wave has certainly swept the country.  Apple has a massive lead in the education marketplace and has always worked hard to keep this lead.  The iPad was a natural product to introduce to the student population as a textbook replacement for the 21st century.

Apple has also introduced a portal inside the iTunes store for textbooks.  This will be something to watch over time, as the market for electronic textbooks is massive.  Furthermore, electronic textbooks enable frequent updates and interaction that was never offered in the old hard bound textbook world.  Suffice it to say, that more than one futurist has predicted a very rapid demise of the old paper bound textbook.

Repairs for iPads in Schools and School Districts

You would think that a large company like Apple would just put up repair centers around the world to take care potential problems.  In a way they have partially done this with the Genius Bar concept inside Apple stores.  However, this format is not intended to fix all of the accidentally broken iPads in the world.  Genius bars are mostly for warranty issues for devices less than 1 year old.  As most consumers know, accidental iPad damage like broken or cracked iPad screens are not “free” or covered by most types of Apple warranties.

In most circumstances, going directly to Apple with a broken iPad screen will result in an offer from Apple for an iPad exchange/replacement for a substantial fee.  They will take the broken iPad and give you a new one.

If you are a school district looking for school district iPad repair services, you have other options that you should consider.  We suggest looking at independent iPad repair companies that can offer lower prices, fast turn around, and equal quality to doing an expensive iPad exchange.

Many districts are quickly turning to this option to manage their iPad deployments.  The best iPad repair services out there offer overnight turnaround, free shipping, lifetime warranties, and excellent customer service.  All this comes in addition to the most important issue, the quality of the repairs.

The Most Common iPad Repairs for Students

Kids are kids.  The most common iPad repair needs for schools and universities tends to be broken and cracked glass from dropping the iPad.  Many schools have turned to highly protective cases for their classroom deployments, but this will not 100% stop the need for glass repairs on the delicate iPad or iPad 2.  The next most common repairs are needed repairs for the LCD that can break as part of, or in combination with a glass screen repair.

The good news is that all of these issues can easily be repaired affordably and quickly by independent repair centers.  Many school districts across the USA have already established such repair arrangements with companies like RepairZoom and others.

Getting Started Is Easy

The best companies working with schools for iPad repairs understand the purchasing constraints of school districts.  This means enabling the ability to purchase with a Purchase Order, manage invoices, and keeping serial numbers organized, and enabling all this online.  In addition, the provider needs to have fast turnaround and the ability to handle bulk iPad repair orders for schools.

Over the years, this type of service has become mainstream and normal.  Repaired units are sent back within 24 to 48 hours of receipt at the repair depot.  With iPad repair relationship, finding fast and affordable prices for the repair is paramount.  This includes volume discounts for significant quantities of repairs.

Getting started with a bulk iPad repair order should be as easy as setting up an account online, gathering a copy of the W-2 of the provider, and providing a P.O. (purchase order) for the first repair order for your school district, university, or campus location.

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